Northern Kentucky is no stranger to chicken options. However, few compare to Crestview Hills NBL CKN. It’s a decadent decision that will raise you up in the esteem of your family and friends.

After a jaunt on the Thomas Moore soccer fields or vigorous exercise at Five Seasons reward yourself with NBL CKN.

Shall we or shan’t we, need not be a question in regards to preparing your own meal when you're within range of our CrestView Hills delivery circle. It should be a resounding, “Nay!” With our kitchen’s location being just off I-275 at exit 83 we enjoy a centralized point from which to deliver at speed

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NBL CKN Crestview Hills is your delivery order for Kentucky Wildcats games, Reds and Bengals

Athletic prowess should be celebrated with a feast beyond pizza. Our five delectable sandwiches include ingredients such as  habanero-ghost cheese, bacon jam and bourbon mayo.  It’s time to elevate your table to the level of UK sports and dine as if you had major league expectations for your palette.

The best delivery option conveniently located in Crestview Hills Town Center

We’re located in the midst of Northern Kentucky’s top shopping emporium, on the corner across the lane from the proud Joseph-Beth Booksellers. Esteemed centers of learning such as Thomas More College and Northern Kentucky University are a mere 11 miles distant from exemplary sustenance. Price need not be a concern to neither students nor to families. NBL CKN seeks to bring flavor without causing undue budgetary distress.



Talk to you soon!

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